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architectural projects in progress.

new residence


Interior Design

Merry Powell


John Jackson

After hurricane flooding destroyed their home on the intra-coastal waterway, this couple chose to rebuild for resiliency, despite the emergency of having no house to live in and a tight budget.  The new house is built on piers and is sited to take full advantage of sunshine and views.  Wide overhangs protect door and window openings and cover much of the porch that wraps around the entire house, since outdoor living is as important as indoor living in this breezy South Carolina town.  The house has a compact footprint and open floor plan, and built with materials selected to endure the elements.


Elevating a home on piers has some benefits in terms of views, but for one family member with mobility issues it presented some obvious difficulties.  A home elevator and ramp make access possible, and once inside all spaces are designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

addition to historic private residence


General Contractor

Habalis Construction

The owner of this circa 1780 residence has completely rehabilitated a structure perilously close to being lost, and he wanted to expand it to accommodate his growing family.  Serving for many years as a cottage for the caretaker of Belmont, the historic house across the street that was the home of the painter Gari Melchers, this modest house had no kitchen or bathrooms and the second floor ceilings are less than 6 feet high, making it tough to live in. 


Because of its historic status, however, an addition needed to be differentiated from the primary historic structure and, although it is quite a small structure, not overwhelm it.  This was accomplished by creating a narrow hyphen that connects to a small length of the original rear of the house where the gambrel roof planes shift. The hyphen includes a new entrance on the main level and a bathroom and laundry room inside its narrow roof which relies on dormers to expand the usable interior space.  Beyond the hyphen sits the main volume of the addition containing a family room and kitchen on the first floor and a master bedroom on the second floor, with a generous staircase with a view of Belmont on the hill beyond.  The new wing has a steeply pitched roof that complements the gambrel roof of the original house, and both gable end facades include prominent chimneys.  South facing doors and windows are protected by overhangs and lead to a generous patio connecting the living space to this riverfront site.

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