Portfolio: Historic Building Rehab: Mid-Century Modern Restoration (2009-10)

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This home is one of the few modernist residences in Fredericksburg, and as such has immense historic value. Finished in 1958, the structure is built of half-high concrete block – practical, as the owner operated the local concrete block plant – and a material not unusual for mid-century modern builds. The goal of the renovation was to embrace the historical essence of the house while dramatically updating its livability. Many features of the house – from its well proportioned and outfitted rooms, to the classic St. Charles cabinetry, steel casement windows, bathroom and lighting fixtures – contribute to its modernist sensibility. However, some elements such as the black and white floor tiles and acoustical ceiling tiles simply appear dated. Colonial-style doors, trims and hardware – perhaps a nod to the typical Fredericksburg style – clashed with the cleaner modernist elements.

The alterations included two red-orange steel and glass floor-to-ceiling bays; new porch columns; new doors, casings and hardware inside and out; a new master suite; new exterior and interior light fixtures; and new fireplace surrounds and built-ins.

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