Portfolio: Historic Building Rehab: Hartwood Presbyterian Chuch (2010-11)

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Completed in 1859, this brick Greek Revival vernacular structure was soon appropriated by troops during the civil war. The church was the site of a major battle in 1863, sustaining major damage to interior woodwork and furnishings. These items were quickly replaced, but about 100 years later, major alterations of its large windows were made in an attempt to conserve energy: the upper sashes were covered up in the inside, and the lower sashes replaced with squat double hung windows. A generous donation by a church member allowed the church to restore the windows and repair exterior masonry.

Working in collaboration with the preservation contractor and the woodworker who was to build the windows, we designed new window sashes matching the original configuration of the double hung units. The full-size windows completely transform the sanctuary. We also addressed moisture issues in the crawl space below the sanctuary, and developed specifications for exterior masonry repair and design and specifications for new sidewalks and site drainage.

News Article: Fredericksburg.com – Project is an angel’s work

General Contractor: Habalis Construction
Mason: Richard Crickenberger
Interior Design: Merry Powell Interiors

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