Portfolio: Additions / Renovations: Kitchen + Family Room + Garage +
Pool House (2003)

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Although the owners of this home had considered moving, they had created fabulous gardens which they were reluctant to abandon. The decision was made to completely rework the main level of the house, including an existing garage, and add a large family room and separate pool house. The goals were to provide better indoor and outdoor space for family life and for entertaining, and to improve both the visual and spatial connections between inside and out.

The family room addition features a 14-foot high aluminum and glass bay that angles out towards the rear gardens. A new light-filled staircase connects a new basement level garage to the main living space above, with a landing at grade to connect to the garden terraces. The pool house, connected to the main house with a wood trellis, includes a larged screened porch, a kitchen, and bathrooms for changing and showering.

General Contractor: Loudin Building Systems

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