Sabina Weitzman Photo

Sabina Weitzman received a masters degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1990, and is licensed to practice architecture in Virginia. Prior to starting Design Works Studio in 2001, she worked for Burkhart Thomas in Norfolk (1990-1992) and for James O. McGhee Architects in Fredericksburg (1993-2001).

While her love of modern architecture and years living in large cities wouldn’t necessarily have led her to Fredericksburg, Ms. Weitzman has grown to love the rich building traditions of this town. The walkable, liveable and inherently sustainable streets drew her in as soon as she set foot in them. Many of Ms. Weitzman's projects have required review by the City's Architectural Review Board (ARB) as well as the State of Virginia's Department of Historic Resources. As a past member herself of the City's ARB, she received training on the appropriate ways to approach historic structures and building sites, and has participated in local and national workshops on historic preservation.

Ms. Weitzman's thinking about architecture is equally rooted in the 21st century. Keenly aware of the need to design energy efficient structures and to use sustainable materials and responsible methods, she works hard to educate herself and her clients about emerging building technologies.